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Are Your Kids Killing Your Relationship? Four Proven Ways to Bring it Roaring Back to Life Now!

Everyone loves their children and wants the very best for them. And why shouldn’t we? Children are our legacy and the future of the world lies in their hands. Having said that, many couples have fallen into the trap of thinking their world, and their relationship, has to constantly revolve around their children. Nothing could […]

Got Sex Questions You Are Afraid to Ask? I Got Answers

Everyone wants everyone else to think they know all there is to know about sex!! Well I have news for you. Many people have many questions about sex – questions they don’t want you to know they don’t have the answers for. So sit back and relax because I am going to answer some of […]

The Summer Atmosphere and Your Relationship

“Summertime and the living is easy”. There is something about the summer that promotes a carefree atmosphere and feeling in most people.  This laissez-fare attitude usually translates to our relationship and helps increase romance and happiness in our relationship. We would love to hear how the carefree feeling of the summer helps you feel more […]