911 Marriage Help

Your marriage is crumbling and falling apart right in front of you.

You feel lost, angry and depressed. It feels as if you tried everything yet nothing has changed. Your communication is so broken that every discussion turns into a heated argument.

You’ve lost interest in your partner and what’s worse, you don’t really care about his/her wants or desires.

You feel like you’re living with a roommate, not a loving partner. And your sex life is routinely boring or non-existent.

Or maybe you are suffering from the humility of having had a partner who engaged in an extra-marital affair – sexual or emotional.

Your trust is shattered and so are you.

  • You feel disrespected and unsupportive.
  • You fight about money.
  • You fight about disciplining the kids.
  • You fight about pretty much everything.

If you can relate to the pain of:

  • A Cheating Spouse
  • A Broken Heart
  • Money Fights
  • A Lack of Intimacy
  • Divorce or Break Up
  • Depression
  • Kids – you love them but it feels like they are tearing your marriage apart
  • Fighting about the in-laws

And you are unhappy, miserable and feel stuck in your marriage! You are desperate for help and don’t know where to turn.

Can you relate to any of the above devastating emotions related to your marriage/partnership?

You’re looking to be rescued from your despair and pain!

Relief and hope is on the way.

My name is Dr. Patty Ann Tublin and I am a real “relationship expert”. I’m a clinical psychologist and coach who has helped thousands of couples repair their broken relationship so they can stop fighting and start loving again.

Couples who’ve worked with me are shown tools on how to effectively communicate, stop fighting, resolve conflict in a healthy way, and restore intimacy.

Imagine what it would feel like to get the help of an internationally recognized relationship expert who has spent over three decades helping thousands of couples mend a broken heart, stop fighting about money, learn to communicate effectively, survive and thrive after they’ve experienced the infidelity of a cheating spouse, and stop fighting and start loving again?

Your pain would stop, your trust would be restored, money fights would stop and you would be able to engage in a conversation where you feel truly heard!

What you need before you call it quits and spend a ton of time, money and energy on legal fees and separating all your stuff – and kids – because you think your marriage or relationship is beyond repair, is to bring in the expertise of a “real” relationship expert.

Reach out now – it is not too late to save your marriage/relationship!

Seek the super powers and advice from a “real” relationship expert who has rescued couples just like yours to stop fighting and start loving again!


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