What do Work/Life Balance & Unicorns have in Common?

Do you know what work/life balance & unicorns have in common? I am serious. Think about it for a moment and you will begin to see where I am going with this. Work/life balance and unicorns are both myths – and it is my sincere belief that work/life balance is THE biggest myth perpetuated on women, and families in general since – I don’t know – belief in unicorns. We want to believe work/life balance exists; we try really hard to have “it”. But tell me, do you honestly know one woman that feels as if they have actually achieved it? I don’t – and I know a lot of pretty smart successful women!

To make matters worse, there are so many books, articles, workshops, seminars, etc., out there supposedly teaching women how to achieve this nirvana called work/life balance. And for the life of me – I cannot possibly imagine what the facts are behind these programs and articles being offered up in search of this Holy Grail.

And I have to tell you, women are so busy multi-tasking at the speed of light, doing a million different things all at the same time (or at least it feels that way) – the last thing we need is to be spending time, energy and effort trying to obtain something that doesn’t exist. Isn’t it bad enough that we all feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to get all our work done, take care of the kid(s), the house, connect with our spouses (or significant other), let alone have any time for ourselves – we now have to also feel badly for not attaining work/life balance – which is, quite frankly, unattainable?!

So what is the answer? How do women create a life & business they really love? Rather than striving to achieve something that doesn’t exist, like work/life balance, we need a proven system and strategy for reconciling our work and family responsibilities. This is done by creating a family plan & business plan that complements – rather than competes against each other. This is exactly what my new book: “Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run! Enrich Your Marriage While Prospering in Your Business” shows you how to do. Order it here now by clicking on this link… https://relationshiptoolbox.com/products/book-not-tonight-dear/


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