The Marriage Ref Review for March 18, 2010

The Marriage Ref aired again yesterday on NBC. The “refs” were Cedric the Entertainer, Martha Stewart and Jason Alexander

Here’s my review:

Comments on – Pat & Mimi – Where should this couple retire to?

This couple is seeking totally different life experiences for their retirement years.  Pat wants the peace and tranquility of Amish country and Mimi is star-struck – wanting to seek the excitement of living among the stars in L.A. California.

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call – move to L.A.! But I have to add the recommendation that Mimi promises to visit Amish country at least once a year with Pat.

Comments on Sam & Pam – Is Sam stealing when he takes toiletries from his hotel room?

I agree with The Marriage Ref’s call!  I don’t consider it “stealing” when someone takes toiletries from a hotel room that one pays to stay in. And when Natalie Morales, the researcher on the show said her research reveals that hotels consider anything with their name on it as a form of marketing – this seems to indicate that hotels almost expect their visitors to take these items.  Honestly, I have been known to take the shampoo and conditioner during my travels – they are usually the perfect travel size!

Comments on Naveen & Shan – Does a spouse have a say in how much time you spend pursuing a hobby?

Wow – three for three tonight – I’m going with The Marriage Ref’s call. Let the husband pursue his hobby!  A healthy relationship consists of two people who are inter-dependent of each other.  Yes, a couple needs to spend time together with each other, but it is also very important for each person in the relationship to have their own identity – separate from the relationship; and if that consists of pursuing separate hobbies – so be it.  (See my free relationship advice ezine @ for more articles about this topic).

The best line of the show is the exchange between Pat & Mimi when Pat says: “This is civilization” and Mimi responds: “Not my kind!”

The worst line of the show goes to Jason:  “I don’t mind the stealing. I don’t like the stockpiling”

Make sure you check out next week’s comments as Dr. Patty Ann – “The Relationship Expert” makes her “Call” on the Marriage Ref’s Call!

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