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Why You MUST Fail to Succeed

Remember the time you failed miserably at something? Or you didn’t get the job – or promotion you so desperately wanted? At the time you felt as if it was the worst thing that ever happened to you. Many times when you look back at those failures however, you’ve come to realize what you thought […]

3 Key Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is at the center of a successful person. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are in your professional field, if you lack confidence you will not be able to effectively implement your knowledge and your success will be limited. Confidence is not something you are born with, it is learned over time. Following are 3 […]

3 Key Strategies to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Your Manager/Boss

Many women make the mistake of believing their high quality work and professional dedication will be noticed AND then financially rewarded by their manager/boss if they just work hard and keep plugging away. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It would be nice to think superior work will get noticed and be rewarded – […]

‘Paleo-ing’ Your Business and Career Is the Key Ingredient for Your Success

Eating "paleo" refers to consuming foods eaten by man during the Paleolithic Era, i.e., meat, vegetables, fruits, sugars and other natural foods found in nature. All processed foods are considered a "no no" and are banished from your diet. This back to basic approach of consuming only foods found in nature has been embraced by […]

The 1 Thing Super Successful People Never Do In The Early Morning

This blog post was written by Alexis Kleinman, and published in the Huffington Post. Read it so you can understand the #1 thing NOT to do in the Morning if you want to be very successful! The 1 Thing Super Successful People Never Do In The Early Morning The Huffington Post | by  Alexis Kleinman What do […]

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Success

Many business leaders and workers falsely believe that acting “professional” at work means shutting off all your emotions and remaining completely analytical and unemotional, at all times. Try as we may to do this, it is an impossible task. When we think we are shutting off our emotions – what we are really doing is […]

Communication is KEY to your Success in Business and Life

As a relationship expert who has worked with entrepreneurial women for decades, I know that entrepreneurial women yearn to create a business they feel passionate about – and one that makes money – while having a partner who supports them. Entrepreneurial women know true success is found within our relationships – not money. This week’s […]

Mompreneurs, can you use more choice & freedom in your life?

Join 20 of the most forward-thinking, successful conscious entrepreneurs in business today (including yours truly) for life-changing access to discover how they: Balance business with family without the guilt Make more money while working less because they’ve discovered how to be themselves in a way that feels great and has potential clients rushing to work […]

Is your Marriage a Partnership or a Competition Getting in the Way of your Entrepreneurial Success?

Many entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to create a life which is fulfilling and satisfying – from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. Entrepreneurs (especially entrepreneurial women) are leading the way in the new world paradigm where work supports and enhances our lives and relationships; women are starting their own businesses in […]