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Video: Fear of losing her job to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

During this week’s Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success, a viewer expressed her fear of losing her job to AI (Artificial Intelligence). Watch below to hear my response. #relationshipexpert #bizexpert #communicationexpert The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann www.relationshiptoolbox.com www.relationshiptoolbox.com/blog www.twitter.com/drpattyann www.facebook.com/relationshiptoolbox  

How to Stay Calm & Carry On to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The ability to stay calm under pressure is often found in people with high levels of Emotional Intelligence. In the workplace, the ability to stay calm in the eye of the storm directly correlates with high performance. TalentSmart research found that 90% of the best performing employees possess the ability to control and manage their […]