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3 Key Questions That Will Make Your Marriage Rock

More than three decades of experience as a marriage expert has proven what we already know. Great marriages/relationships are built upon effective communication. We all know that effective communication includes the ability to be totally present & actively listen during conversations with our partner. But did you know that for many relationships, the problem lies […]

How Your Cell Phone May Be Destroying Your Relationship & What You Can Do to STOP it!

Have you ever been with your partner when they spend more time on their cell phone than talking with you? Watch this video where I share tips on how to make sure your cell phone doesn’t kill the romance & happiness in your relationship!  

Most Couples Don’t Know This

Most couples know the obvious behaviors that hurt their marriage: i.e., cheating and lying are the two most obvious relationship wreckers. Other behaviors are not so obvious. In fact, most couples don’t know that the following four (4) behaviors will wreak havoc on your relationship and drive your partner away. 1. Being a Debbie Downer. […]

3 Foolproof Habits to Keep Your Marriage Happy & Strong

Wouldn’t you agree that in any long-term committed marriage/relationship, the one constant that remains the same is change? Learn 3 foolproof ways you can keep your marriage strong in the midst of change!     1. Take care of your own needs. In a world filled with selfie obsessions and an “it’s all about me” […]

#1 SECRET for Keeping the Romance and Intimacy Alive in Your Relationship

Wouldn’t you love to keep the romance & intimacy burning bright in your relationship long after that first kiss? Of course you would. Yet, many people find themselves in a relationship where the romance and intimacy has fizzled out! And to make matters even worse – no one in the relationship knows why. Watch today’s […]

4 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Relationship

Spring ushers in new life all around us. Gardeners plant seeds to grow new flowers and many people do a little spring-cleaning around the house so they can make room for bright new things. Spring is as good a time as any to clean out some heavy baggage that may be dragging down your relationship […]

3 Easy Tips for Your Marriage to Not Just Survive BUT Thrive During Summer Vacation!

The car is packed with all the necessities for a fun family vacation. Maybe you are headed out to the beach or you are taking a trip to visit the grandparents. Whatever your plans are for summer fun during the dog days of August, spending 24/7 with your kids and spouse well – doesn’t always […]

3 Simple Tips to Re-Kindle the Love in Your Relationship

Most brides and grooms say “I Do” starry eyed and with the love utmost sincerity. And as we all know however, it is only a matter of time before the honeymoon is over. The love is still there but the head-over-heels feeling gets buried underneath this thing called life: our jobs, the kids, the house, […]

5 Easy Ways to STOP FIGHTING about Money in Your Marriage/Relationship

Our wedding vows include the words: “for richer or poorer” – but as we all know, keeping this vow is easier said than done. For almost three decades, I’ve seen love diminish when couples fight over money! To avoid these damaging fights about money, follow these five (5) simple guidelines for handling money issues throughout […]

3 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning for Your Relationship

Spring is a time for renewal and fresh beginnings. People come out of hibernation from the long winter months to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. Many people plant seeds in their garden and spruce up the inside of their homes by throwing out old things and replacing them with fresh new items. Now is a great time […]