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The #1 Secret You Must Know to Stop Fighting & Start Loving Again

It happened once again. For the millionth time a couple in crisis contacted me for help. As usual, my first question was: “How may I help?” As usual, both partners proceeded to present a laundry list of complaints about what the other partner said that was wrong – or didn’t say that was wrong. Or […]

What Your Mother Never Told You About Living Happily Ever After

There are few things as wonderful as young love! We all remember those butterflies in our stomach when we first met the man (or woman) of our dreams. What happens to those butterflies as time marches on and our young love becomes a little more mature? Where do those butterflies fly off to? For some, […]

How do you re-ignite your s-e-x life?

Money might make the world go round, but Love and S-E-X sure keep it interesting! Share with us your secret for keeping your s-e-x life alive, without being X-rated! You can have S-E-X with someone you don’t have an intimate, loving relationship with. But would you want an intimate, loving relationship without s-e-x? Which do […]