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Spring into a Re-newed Relationship

With the arrival of spring it feels so good to shed our winter clothes and head outdoors. Many people engage in spring-cleaning bringing to life the expression: “out with the old, in with the new.” Gardening aficionados get their mulch, seeds and all the other paraphernalia they need ready to bring forth a beautiful new […]

Giving Thanks during this Holiday Season

Next week is Thanksgiving, the official start of the holiday season. For many couples however, this means fighting over a million different things.  Why?  We get so stressed out with all the extra “to-do’s” on our already jam-packed “to-do” list, tension escalates and before you know it we are at each other’s throat.  This holiday […]

3 Simple & Highly Effective Ways to “Fight”

Since all couples fight at one point or another in their relationship, I thought I would show you a healthy way to fight this week rather than take the approach of telling you not to fight – (since that is like asking a blind person to see). Fighting does not doom your relationship or kill […]

Make 3 Simple Emotional Investments – Triple the Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship!

Success in anything we do requires commitment, effort and investment of time and energy. The same is true for your relationship. Take a moment and think about how much commitment effort and energy you invest in your relationship. Be honest with yourself. Have you put the kids, your job, housework, your hobby, etc. before your […]

3 Proven Tips for Healthy Conflict Resolution

Fighting – or conflict if we want to get a little fancy with our words here – is a normal – even healthy part of any intimate relationship. You know this is true. Unless you are a “Stepford Wife” or “Stepford Girlfriend”; do you remember this movie? The one where the wives were killed and […]