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Great Communicators Nail This Down Every Time & You Can Too!

Don’t you just love this quote from the comedian George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Ineffective communication is often at the root of failed leadership, disengaged employees, poor customer service and failed marriages. The inability to connect with others is a symptom of ineffective […]

4 Communication Mistakes that Piss People Off

It’s pretty safe to say everyone agrees that effective communication skills are a vital “soft” skill for success yes? But many people are totally unaware of every day communication mistakes that go unchecked. These mistakes not only get in the way of your success – but they also piss people off – damaging important work […]

What the US Government Must Learn from Business

Are you not thoroughly amazed at the ineptitude and inefficiencies that seem to be taking hold within our government on both sides of the aisle? Regardless of your political views – what we have seen taking place in the government these past few years leaves most of us just scratching our heads thinking: “What the […]

Are you really listening?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about how listening plays a key role when communicating with our partner. Have there been times when you have caught yourself trying to listen to what your partner was saying to you, only to realize, oops, I didn’t hear a single word they said.  (I must have gotten caught […]