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Don’t Let Holiday Stress Break up Your Relationship

We are off and running! Thanksgiving is just around the corner – Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza are not trailing far behind. Just the thought of all the extra things we have to do for the holidays can be overwhelming! Women are already stressed out enough without adding all the extra holiday “to-do” stuff on the list. The […]

How much do you love Valentine’s Day?

When you read this week’s relationship advice ezine you will learn that Valentine’s Day, which takes place on February 14 every year (as if I had to remind any woman – Men – now that’s a different story) is one of my favorite holidays. Who cares if Hallmark made it up; I love it nonetheless! […]

Bonding or Breaking through the Holiday Season?

Okay. Thanksgiving is for family and friends and bonding. Well how is your relationship with your closest friend, your partner, your life mate holding up during this Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends? I recall years ago when my boyfriend first came over to my Mom’s house to meet the family all together for Thanksgiving. […]