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Your Mindset is the Key to Creating a Thriving Business and True Partnership!

In early April this ezine published an article titled: “5 key questions every entrepreneurial woman must ask to get what you want from your business and your intimate relationship.” Question #1: “Are you and your partner in a true partnership?” was discussed two weeks ago. Today’s ezine discusses question #2 which asks if you (and […]

3 Secrets every couple MUST know to FIGHT FAIR (to keep the love and intimacy alive in your relationship)

Fighting (or conflict) is a normal, even healthy part of any intimate relationship. If you are in a relationship for more than say, 5 minutes, you and your partner are going to have a difference of opinions since you are both adults with minds of your own. The secret to maintaining love and intimacy in […]

“The Secret” for the Royal Couple to “live happily ever after”

Prince William certainly cannot look to his parent’s marriage for “The Secret” of “living happily ever after.” As a matter of fact, the Royal family in general does not have such a great track record for happy marriages – we can go back to King Henry XIII to attest to this abysmal marriage record (and […]

Are Your Kids Killing Your Relationship? Four Proven Ways to Bring it Roaring Back to Life Now!

Everyone loves their children and wants the very best for them. And why shouldn’t we? Children are our legacy and the future of the world lies in their hands. Having said that, many couples have fallen into the trap of thinking their world, and their relationship, has to constantly revolve around their children. Nothing could […]