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3 Powerful Tips to Re-Connect & Keep Your Marriage Strong

Are you familiar with the expression: “familiarity breeds contempt”? This expression suggests that the better we get to know someone – the less we like them. Has your marriage suffered from this familiarity? With the passage of time, our partner’s personality traits and quirks we initially found endearing – become annoying. And before you know […]

10 Easy Ways to Heat up the Flames of Love & Passion on Valentine’s Day

Since roses are the symbol of romance and passion – start your day by giving your partner a rose(s) on Valentine’s Day. You can give them a single long-stemmed rose (which I happen to think is very sexy) or a dozen long-stemmed roses – the number doesn’t really matter. Write your own personal Valentine’s Day […]

Are you really listening?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about how listening plays a key role when communicating with our partner. Have there been times when you have caught yourself trying to listen to what your partner was saying to you, only to realize, oops, I didn’t hear a single word they said.  (I must have gotten caught […]