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3 Critical Steps You Must Take to Avoid Infidelity

Falling in love requires us to become emotionally vulnerable to our partner when we open our hearts and souls to them. It is this very vulnerability that creates intimacy; an intimacy predicated upon trust. In marriage, (or any long-term committed relationship) nothing violates this trust more than infidelity. Following are three simple (and I do […]

Laugh it up like the Irish for a Great Relationship (and you will be Lucky in Love)

Nobody loves to laugh like the Irish!  Maybe this ability to laugh is what brings the Irish all their luck.  When it comes to our committed relationships, the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other is necessary to keep relationship challenges in perspective so we can keep the flames of passion burning bright. If […]

How do you show commitment in your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine discusses the role of commitment in a happy, healthy relationship. We all want to be in a committed relationship. In order to get our partner to commit to our relationship, we have to first be willing to demonstrate our commitment to ourselves. What are some of the ways you reveal […]