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Relationship Advice: 5 Secrets to Surviving Infidelity in Your Marriage

It is sad but true. More than 50% of marriages experience the emotional turmoil of infidelity. Sexual or emotional infidelity – leave a marriage riddled with doubt, hurt and the lingering question: “Can we ever really love again?” The answer to this question is a resounding “YES” – I have helped many couples do so […]

5 Powerful – Yet Simple – Ways to Give Your Love a Shot in The Arm Without Saying a Word

Who doesn’t like to say and hear those 3 little words: “I love you”? They express our feelings of love, passion and intimacy for our sweetheart. But you would be making a huge mistake to rely only on words to show your love and affection for your sweetie; since it is what you do – […]

3 Mistakes That Spell Trouble for Women in Marriage!

Getting married is considered easy when you compare it to staying married. Contrary to what some people may think, no one ever goes into marriage hoping for anything but long-term happiness and romance. Unfortunately, many of us shoot ourselves in the foot in search of this “happily ever after” ending. Below are 3 common mistakes […]

Relationship Advice for Setting Realistic Expectations

We all enter into our relationships with high expectations. Why shouldn’t we? This is a very positive aspect of human nature. It makes no sense to have low expectations for our relationship; in fact, that would be counterproductive. Unrealistically high expectations, on the other hand, set our relationship up for failure. They set our partner […]