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3 Easy Tips for Fighting Fair in Your Marriage/Relationships

All couples fight (it would actually be a little unusual if they didn’t). During this video I share with you 3 Easy tips for fighting fair in your marriage/relationship – so you can keep the love alive!!  

3 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Relationship and Your Life

Current research shows that people in happy committed relationships are healthier and live longer than people who are in unhappy relationships. Why? The emotional support couples lend to each other when the you-know-what hits the fan helps you overcome the many difficult obstacles life throws in your path. Having your partner’s support takes a lot […]

Keeping your Relationship Sane in the Midst of (Family) Holiday Insanity

Although the holidays bring joy and good cheer, they can also bring crazy family members together. Following are a few tips for Keeping Your Relationship Sane in the Midst of Family Holiday Insanity. Remember your family, like everyone else’s family, is perfectly imperfect. Clue your partner into the unique nature of your family’s imperfections and […]

Relationship Advice: 5 Secrets to Surviving Infidelity in Your Marriage

It is sad but true. More than 50% of marriages experience the emotional turmoil of infidelity. Sexual or emotional infidelity – leave a marriage riddled with doubt, hurt and the lingering question: “Can we ever really love again?” The answer to this question is a resounding “YES” – I have helped many couples do so […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Sizzle Back into Your Relationship as Summer Dwindles Down

As much as we all love our kids, let’s admit it, when they are around during the summer months, they find a way of getting most of our energy and attention – often leaving us too exhausted to spend quality time with our partner. We don’t begrudge the kids for one second – we love […]

Conflict Resolution Advice for Your Relationship and Your Business

Conflict in our relationships cannot be created in a vacuum. At least two people are responsible for it when it enters our lives. Regardless of whether you “started” the conflict or fight, or you are allowing it to “perpetuate”, you have some personal responsibility for its presence in your relationship. Taking personal responsibility is conflict […]