Sheryl Sandberg’s 60 Minutes

One of Sandberg’s discussion points in her 60 Minutes interview, which took place on March 10, 2013, hit my sweet spot. She spoke about the topic of women and their choice of partners. My Amazon best selling book: "Not Tonight Dear, I’ve Got a Business to Run!" ( talks about the importance of having an intimate partner that does whatever it takes to support your work, including the dishes, cooking, cleaning and being an actively engaged parent at all times, not just one who shows up for the school play. I’ve seen many women’s career(s) compromised due to lack of support from their partner manifested by obsolete role expectations related to parenting, housekeeping and a slew of other unrealistic expectations. Many enlightened men talk the talk but few actually walk the walk. As I’ve always taught, choose your partner wisely, they will have an incredible impact on the course of your career via their support of it, or lack thereof.

No one is naïve enough to deny that society still holds onto obsolete expectations of men and women. We hold onto sexual stereotypes of how men and women are "suppose" to be and how they are "suppose" to act. A male boss may be considered assertive and yet when a female boss displays that same behavior she is aggressive. A male boss is firm and a female boss who exhibits the same behavior is a b***h. Many female leaders could relate to Sandberg’s experience of childhood sexual stereotyping when she stated she was told her entire life that she was bossy! I strongly re-iterate her message that when girls are called bossy – we, as parents and teachers reframe that negative message into a positive one by telling these girls they are exhibiting leadership qualities and skills.

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