Most Couples Don’t Know This

Most couples know the obvious behaviors that hurt their marriage: i.e., cheating and lying are the two most obvious relationship wreckers.

Other behaviors are not so obvious. In fact, most couples don’t know that the following four (4) behaviors will wreak havoc on your relationship and drive your partner away.

1. Being a Debbie Downer. Being around a negative person is exhausting. Your partner will pull away if you feel as if your glass is always half empty.

Seeing the world through a negative lens can create a negative impact on your relationship.

If nothing is ever good enough for you – then your partner will start to think they are not good enough for you too.

Being positive will cast positive energy on your relationship.

2. Breaking your promises. Do what you say you are going to do.

If you make a promise, keep it. It is really that simple.

No excuses.

Be careful not to make promises you can’t keep.

Trust is a critical component of any loving relationship. Breaking your promise breaks down the trust in your relationship.

Broken promises create broken relationships.

3. Refusing to say: “I’m Sorry”.

We are only human. Therefore, we all make mistakes.

If you refuse to apologize for the mistakes you make in your relationship –your marriage is on the short track to adios amigos.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Saying “I am sorry” will help your marriage survive many mistakes you may innocently wreck upon it.

After all, you are only human!

Try it – your partner will love you for it.

4. Critical Cathy. Many of us are totally unaware of how critical we are of our partner.

“That shirt doesn’t match your pants.”

“Your parents are annoying.”

“You forgot to take the garbage out – again.”

Constantly criticizing your partner will make them feel like you are never satisfied with them.

If they are never good enough for you -why should they bother to stick around?

So they don’t!

Most couples don’t know that it’s not any one behavior that damages their relationship – driving their partner away. Rather, it’s the day-to-day behaviors that push them out the door.

Now you know what most couples don’t know!

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~ as published in The Huffington Post

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