How to Avoid a Tiger Woods Mental Meltdown

Stephen Covey, author of the best selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People discusses how all success is predicated upon relationships. I couldn’t agree with him more. When you stop and think about it, absolutely nothing can get accomplished on a business or an interpersonal level without the ability to relate to others. For those of us in intimate relationships, we know all to well that our mood and attitude – and whether or not we consider ourselves to be having a good day or not – is based upon what is going on in this relationship. In other words, a good interaction with our partner beats out a good interaction with our peers – hands down.

There was a time when Tiger Woods appeared to be god-like on the links. He won one major golf championship after another. His athletic performance on the golf course rendered him almost immortal. Prior to the revelation of his sexual escapades and marital infidelity, Tiger Woods appeared to be invincible. He had it all – money, fame, fortune, a beautiful wife and two gorgeous children.

Then Tiger Woods’ world crashed in around him and his fall from grace has been rapid. Since his divorce proceedings have begun, Tiger Woods’ performance on the golf course has been nothing short of, well, let’s put it kindly, pathetic! HIs current level of play gives new meaning to the term “subpar”.

Last fall A-Rod of the New York Yankees finally shook off his post-season dismal performances. What changed for Alex Rodriquez? Did he get any more talented or ambitious? Or was it the absence of distractions from his steroid scandal and a difficult divorce – and the presence of his girlfriend at the time, Kate Hudson, who helped A-Rod create a magnificent post-season last fall? A-Rod finally appeared content in his relationships and performed at the level all Yankee fans knew he was capable of; finally achieving the one prize he coveted so desperately – a baseball World Championship with the New York Yankees.

Tiger Woods’ personal relationship is a mess and his golf game suffers. A-Rod gets his personal relationships in order and fulfills his professional dream. Do you see the parallel here? Success is truly about your relationships and its influence on your mindset.

So what has changed for Tiger Woods? In reality, he has not gotten any less talented, any less athletic or any less capable. What has in fact transformed Tiger Woods is what I refer to as a “mindset meltdown” brought upon by all the frenzy surrounding his inappropriate behavior and ensuing divorce from what had at one time appeared to be a perfect life and marriage. We are sadly reminded once again that what appears to be perfect on the surface is often quite misleading.

Tiger Woods’ relationship with his soon to be ex-wife has resulted in a mindset meltdown rendering his game unfocused and quite honestly, uncompetitive, at least for the time being. Not for one second am I suggesting that Tigers Woods’ past success on the golf course should solely be attributed to his wife; however, her absence in his life and its ensuing emotional turmoil has clearly left his golf game “subpar”.

Since Elin has left him, Tiger admits to being unable to concentrate and he is out of rhythm with his game. He appears to lack that killer instinct and desire to win that had so clearly defined his game in the past. Tiger Woods, who once considered his practice time as something sacred, admits to being easily distracted and unable to mentally prepare for his game. In summary, Tiger Woods’ relationship woes has created a “mindset meltdown”.

So how can you avoid a Tiger Woods “mindset meltdown”? The answer is really quite simple. The mindset you need for achieving success in all areas of your life is predicated about having solid relationships in your life – including the relationship you have with yourself. Regardless of how many innate talents have been bestowed upon you, whether you have incredible athletic ability, musical talent, remarkable intelligence, etc, you will not be able to achieve success if your mindset is not where it needs to be – characterized by being focused, confident and determined. No one achieves success alone. So nurture, foster and cherish your relationships and you will have the mindset you need for the success you desire!

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