For Men Only: 3 Tips for Great SEX

Sure, sure sure – you already know everything there is to know about how to have great sex. Are you really sure about that? Well keep an open mind and see if you learn anything new. Believe it or not, great sex is incredibly subjective and might not be what you think it is for your partner.

I have yet to meet a man who hasn’t thought – or told me – that they are the next best thing since slice bread when it comes to making love. Interestingly enough, I often hear a very different story from their partner – but I will leave that subject for another day. The point of the story however; is these men are not lying, they actually believe what they are thinking or saying is true. The problem here is that great sex for you might not be considered great sex for someone else. Why? Because great sex is truly in the eye of the of the beholder. Some men think they are Casanova because they can “last” for over 5 minutes or they bring their partner to multiple orgasms (which, hey, I must admit is not a bad thing). But the key to having great sex with your partner is knowing what exactly your partner wants, needs and likes. And it might be very different than what you believe is great sex and what you think they want, need and like.

Great Sex Tip # 1: Use your mouth – not only for kissing and other forms of sexual arousal but for communication!! That’s right guys – ask your partner what they want and like – be open and try not to have preconceived notions of what you think you know about your partner’s sexual preferences. You might be very surprised to hear the information your partner shares with you about her sexual pleasures.

Great Sex Tip # 2: Remember your sex life has nothing to do with porn sex. Do not make the mistake of thinking great sex with your partner is going to be “life imitating art”. In other words, “Debbie Does Dallas” does not have anything at all to do with great sex in your relationship. Zip, Zero, Nada, Nothing!! So don’t think great sex has to look anything like an x-rated movie.

Great Sex Tip # 3: Do not believe all the “locker room” talk you hear about the subject of sex. Research shows most men think their sex life is missing something that everyone else’s has and/or that other men are having more frequent and more passionate and crazy sex! Guys – you tend to over-exaggerate (if not downright lie about) your sexual lives to other men. Do not believe what I call the “locker room” talk about sex most men engage in. They belong to the category of stories told that start with: “You should have seen the size of the fish that got away”. Got it? So don’t believe all this locker room talk and definitely do not compare your sex life to these fictitious stories. Every other couple besides you is not living on the “Love Boat” – having frequent and explosive sex all the time. This is just not true.

So ladies, pass this article on to the one you love. These guys might not admit it, but my bet is they might feel a little relieved to get this information. After all, if we are honest with ourselves, nobody really wants to believe anybody is having any better, or more frequent sex than everybody else.

So hopefully this article will take some pressure off all the couples out there who are not having sex swinging from the chandelier.

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Dr. Patty Ann
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