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5 Conflict Resolution Tools that Work in your Business and your Marriage

Conflict between people can be viewed in very general terms, i.e.,  as a fight or battle. The word conflict may lead you to think of a nasty fight with your spouse, or a mild argument between business partners.  Regardless of how mild or severe, most conflicts in business and marriage are rooted in power struggles.  […]

Always Fighting about the Credit Card Bill after the Holidays? 3 Simple Secrets to Finally Stop Fighting about Money in the New Year

Every year you resolve NOT to do it. You promise yourself you do not want to always be fighting with your partner about the credit card bills. In fact, you promised your self last year that 2010 would be the year you finally stop fighting about money! And yet here you are, once again, fighting, […]

How Couples Can Avoid Fighting about Money During the Holidays

Most women love to shop. Truth be told, the holidays can be the perfect excuse for women to not only engage in – but ramp up into full gear – this favorite female pastime activity. Never mind that I, the bizarre person I can be at times hates shopping. (I know, this alone should throw […]

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Break up Your Relationship

We are off and running! Thanksgiving is just around the corner – Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza are not trailing far behind. Just the thought of all the extra things we have to do for the holidays can be overwhelming! Women are already stressed out enough without adding all the extra holiday “to-do” stuff on the list. The […]

Three Secret Ways to Stop Fighting About Money – and Start Lovin Again

Of course their might be some discrepancy between how much one partner wants to spend on items such as clothing, entertainment and/or vacation. However, the majority of the time money fights have very little to do with money! For better or for worse, money often becomes the battlefield for even the most romantic and otherwise […]

3 Simple & Highly Effective Ways to “Fight”

Since all couples fight at one point or another in their relationship, I thought I would show you a healthy way to fight this week rather than take the approach of telling you not to fight – (since that is like asking a blind person to see). Fighting does not doom your relationship or kill […]

Stop Fighting – 3 Conflict Resolution Skills Guaranteed to Work Every Time

On the heels of last week’s relationship advice ezine – where I blew the doors off of 3 relationship myths – the myth that healthy couples never fight seems to be a very difficult one to get people to stop believing.  As I’ve mentioned to you guys many times before, healthy happy couples do fight – […]

7 Simple Ways to Avoid Money Fights in Your Relationship

Romantic relationships are a partnership of two people who have decided to share in the joys and sorrows of a committed life together. Married couples take the vows: “For better or worse, for richer or poorer” – Stop right there. People say vows similar to the ones just written but do we really mean them? […]