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Merry Christmas!

Finally – Christmas Eve is here! The presents have all been bought and wrapped and the preparations for your festive meal are underway for tonight (if Christmas Eve is your big day to celebrate) or for tomorrow – Christmas Day. As you think back on all the work and preparation that has gone into this […]

Shop ’til You Drop

“Shop ‘til you drop” could be a slogan for the holidays. We all know the economy stinks, but it’s the holidays and you can’t have the holidays without buying gifts. And buying gifts means spending money. Share with us strategies you and your partner have used to keep your finances in check during the holiday […]

Family Insanity During the Holidays

Everybody’s family has their own unique brand of insanity. You know it’s true. And nothing brings out insanity more than holidays get togethers! This week’s relationship advice e-zine provides a few tips on how to keep your relationship sane in the midst of family holiday insanity. Share with us a funny family holiday story that […]

Sports Can Bring You and Your Partner Closer

Contrary to what many people believe, plenty of women love sports – myself included. Couples who love watching sports and/or participating in sports-related activities together get to share quality time together without having to sacrifice their hobby and/or interests for the sake of their partner’s hobby and/or interest. If you and your partner both enjoy […]

How Sex Improves The Quality of Your Life

Sex and your relationship have been discussed in past issues of Dr. Patty Ann’s relationship advice e-zine “Two Hearts Beating As One”. You might have been surprised to find out how sex helps prevent you from getting colds and infections. It would be wonderful for you to share how you think sex improves the overall […]

Couples Dress Up for Halloween

Halloween is a great time for costumes.I think it is one of my favorite holidays because we get to play dress up. I just love it when couples dress up as partners for a Halloween party. I love to dress up as Wilma and my husband dresses up as Fred Flintstone. Do you have a […]

Keep The Fire Burning in Your Relationship

This week’s relationship advice e-zine discussed the importance of keeping your relationship alive. We all know how easy it is for our relationship to fall into the same old dull routine. I would love for you to give us your ideas on how you keep the fires burning alive in your relationship. Building Together A […]

Relationships in the Summertime

Summertime and the living is easy. By now you know how much my husband and I (and my whole family for that matter) love the beach. Whether we are taking a walk together or just lying on a chair soaking in the beautiful sun rays, the beach has always been a place where we can […]