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Got Sex Questions You Are Afraid to Ask? I Got Answers

Everyone wants everyone else to think they know all there is to know about sex!! Well I have news for you. Many people have many questions about sex – questions they don’t want you to know they don’t have the answers for. So sit back and relax because I am going to answer some of […]

Is the Droid Killing Romance and Intimacy In Your Relationship?

Modern technology has completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. New technology like the Droid allows us to share all sorts of information – around the globe – in real time. Sometimes I feel as if life depicted in all those science-fiction movies and novels has become a reality. The different ways in […]

Bring that Sizzle Back to Your Relationship

Beach loving families like my own hate to see the summer end. But I have to admit, all the BBQs, beach parties and time spent outdoors with family and friends can have a way of putting your relationship on the back burner for a little bit. As much as we all love our kids, let’s […]

Three Common Mistakes You Must Stop Now to Keep The Flames of Love Burning Hot in Your Relationship

We love our partner and we are committed to our relationship with them. Deep down in our heart and soul we know we truly want to be in love with them forever. In spite of this yearning to be close to the one we love, there are some common mistakes we make – sometimes on […]

My Birthday Gift to You: My Secret and Easy Way to Celebrate Your Love – – and Your Life

Birthdays are a time for the celebration of life! Our birth is the celebration of the love our parents once shared with each other (regardless of how it played out). So for me, birthdays are all about giving; so my gift for you this week is a gift that is sure to keep on giving. […]

The #1 Secret ALL Happy Couples Know – and You Should Know Too!!

What makes the difference between couples who are happy and “go the distance” from couples who are constantly fighting and bickering and miserable together? Before I give you the #1 secret ALL happy couples know; let me tell what is NOT TRUE about couples who go the distance and find a way to keep the intimacy […]

5 Powerful – Yet Simple – Ways to Give Your Love a Shot in The Arm Without Saying a Word

Who doesn’t like to say and hear those 3 little words: “I love you”? They express our feelings of love, passion and intimacy for our sweetheart. But you would be making a huge mistake to rely only on words to show your love and affection for your sweetie; since it is what you do – […]

How to Use the 3 Most Powerful Words to Keep Your Romance Alive

In the archives of movies from the 1960’s, “Love Story” was a popular movie starring Ryan O’Neil (yes, that’s Tatum’s daddy) and Ali McGraw. This movie was about two young Harvard students who grew up in two very different socio-economic worlds, fall in love and get married.  Yes, versions of this plot have been written […]