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Are You a Team Player in Your Relationship?

One of the many reasons we find team sports to be so exciting is the fact that they require the players on the team to not only have talent but to also possess a willingness to sacrifice their individual talent for the greater good of the team. Healthy relationships also require that we act as […]

Secret Ingredient to Surviving Fights

The ability to compromise when we fight is the secret ingredient for surviving fights in our relationship. For more information and discussion on this topic be sure you are a subscriber to our relationship advice e-zine. That is our topic this week and we will also discuss how the ability to compromise is seen as […]

Is your relationship flexible?

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”. As a part of life, our relationships often take many unanticipated twists and turns as well. Share with us whether you or your partner are more flexible and able to change course when life throws your relationship a curve ball. Building Together A Relationship […]

What sacrifices do you willingly make for the sake of your relationship?

Most things that are worth having in life do not come easy.  We make tremendous sacrifices and put forth great effort to achieve our goals in life so when we attain these goals, the rewards are all the sweeter. Realizing that nothing good comes easy in life, please share with me what you believe your […]