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3 Simple Tips to Prevent Costly Work Distractions and Interruptions

We’ve all had this experience. We are in the middle of doing our work and we decide to check our email  because we hear a “bling” noise indicating that a new message just came into our inbox. Or perhaps a co-worker  emails, calls, texts or walks into our office (or cubicle) and begins talking to […]

3 Ways Developing Relationship Skills for your Employees Increase Overall Productivity

As the economy slowly but surely begins to improve, companies will need to invest more in their key asset – their people. If your company has failed to invest in their employees with the appropriate training, they will surely jump ship when the first opportunity presents itself. Investing in your employees is smart business because, […]

Relationship Skills are Essential for Decreasing Employee Turnover

All businesses experience employee turnover; with this turnover being a costly proposition. It includes time and financial resources for screening, interviewing and vetting a new employee. Then – once a new employee is hired, it costs a company at least 2 times (give or take) the new employee’s salary to thoroughly train them.  During this […]