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The #1 Most Effective Skill Needed to Build Healthy Authentic Work Relationships

As a relationship and communication expert, you know I sincerely believe all success begins with relationships. However, these relationships are only successful if they are authentic. Authenticity must be at the very core of any trusting relationship. The #1 way to build trusting relationships is through effective communication. Following are three key components of effective […]

The #1 and ONLY New Year’s Resolution You Need for Success & Happiness

As the year comes to a close, many people take stock of their lives and resolve to make positive changes in the New Year. We all know the usual suspects: lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with the kids, read more, etc. As a relationship expert I truly believe all success and happiness is […]

3 Key Strategies to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Your Manager/Boss

Many women make the mistake of believing their high quality work and professional dedication will be noticed AND then financially rewarded by their manager/boss if they just work hard and keep plugging away. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It would be nice to think superior work will get noticed and be rewarded – […]

The Essential Key to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

What exactly is emotional intelligence? John D. Mayer, one of two psychologists who coined the term in 1990 defined it in the Harvard Business Review as: “… the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to manage your own and others’ emotions. It […]

‘Paleo-ing’ Your Business and Career Is the Key Ingredient for Your Success

Eating "paleo" refers to consuming foods eaten by man during the Paleolithic Era, i.e., meat, vegetables, fruits, sugars and other natural foods found in nature. All processed foods are considered a "no no" and are banished from your diet. This back to basic approach of consuming only foods found in nature has been embraced by […]

3 Essential Body Language Tips for Success in Business & Life

The ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships is at the heart of success in business and life. Whether you are creating a consensus around your team(s) business goals and objectives or trying to close a deal with a client, the ability to read one’s body language is critical to your success. Following are 3 […]

Networking Lessons to be Gained from a Gorilla

Networking is all about developing relationships with people – with the goal of one day doing business with them. If we assume the majority of people we meet will not remember our name, or much at all about us after meeting us, what may we do to help ourselves to be memorable? Would you dress […]

3 Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence for Business Success

Emotional Intelligence consists of the ability to recognize, use, understand and manage our emotions in a way that helps develop healthy relationships in both our professional and personal lives. Succinctly, Emotional Intelligence influences the way we react to stress and the way we interact with others. Emotional intelligence is composed of four main attributes: Self-awareness – the […]

4 Tips to Help Ease the Burden of the Holiday Season

Far be it from me to be the Grinch that stole Christmas but let’s be honest: Although December is a joyous time of the year filled with holiday celebrations and good tidings to all, for many women it adds more stress into a cup that already runneth over. Schedules already filled with a never-ending “to-do” […]

Understanding Communication Differences between the Sexes for Success in Business

Failure to effectively communicate is often behind many failed business initiatives in both the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. (Ineffective communication is usually the main reason for failed relationships and marriages as well.) Brain science, professionally referred to as neuroscience, helps us understand why and how men and women communicate differently. Businesses that know and understand these […]