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Stop Sabotaging Romance and Happiness

It really is incredible how we can so easily see the things other people do, or say, that sabotages the romance and happiness they so desperately want from their relationships. It is almost as if people have been cursed with an inability to get out of their own way – especially when it comes to […]

3 Ridiculous Relationship Myths

It is amazing how many myths are out there for keeping romance alive in your relationship. Woman’s magazines, radio talk shows, TV shows and newspapers are filled with inaccurate information dealing with relationship advice, some of which includes the topics of  how to keep your romance alive, how to keep your man happy, how to skyrocket your sex […]

Keeping Your Relationship Alive

While shopping in the grocery store the other day I heard 2 women talking about how dull and boring their relationships have become. One woman was saying how every Friday night she and her partner go to the movies and eat dinner out at the same Italian Restaurant. Her friend was describing how every Saturday night for […]

The Secret and Most Effective Relationship Tool

For all you followers out there who read my articles, you know I love to reveal my proven strategies and tips for having the romantic relationship you want and deserve in your lives. All of these strategies and techniques are unequivocally necessary for rekindling romance and happiness in your relationship. BUT – they are all […]