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5 Survival Tips for the Office Holiday Party

Remember the guy from last year’s office holiday party that was spilling his drink on everyone around him? Or the woman who came slinking into the party dressed with very little left to the imagination? Of course you do! And so does everyone else! We’ve all heard and/or seen people commit career suicide due to […]

Video: Dr. Patty Ann – Networking Advice

If Networking petrifies you, watch my @WTNH TV segment: Dr. Patty Ann’s Tuesday Tips for Success, on how to ease anxiety and network like a pro – even if you are an introvert! #businessexpert #communicationexpert #relationshipexpert The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life, Dr. Patty Ann  

How to Read Body Language: 10 Secret Tools of the Trade

Wouldn’t it be of tremendous value to know how to read someone’s body language? Research shows approximately 55% of all communication comes from body language. Can you imagine what an advantage it would be to your career and your personal relationships if you were able to hear what is not being said! (Guys, this might […]

3 Essential Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Everyone seems to be constantly talking about Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.). However, if I were to ask you exactly what the term “Emotional Intelligence” means, you would probably be hard pressed to define it. You might also have a difficult time explaining how it shows up in your business and your life. For the most accurate […]

3 Key Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is at the center of a successful person. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are in your professional field, if you lack confidence you will not be able to effectively implement your knowledge and your success will be limited. Confidence is not something you are born with, it is learned over time. Following are 3 […]

The Essential Key to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

What exactly is emotional intelligence? John D. Mayer, one of two psychologists who coined the term in 1990 defined it in the Harvard Business Review as: “… the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to manage your own and others’ emotions. It […]

3 Essential Body Language Tips for Success in Business & Life

The ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships is at the heart of success in business and life. Whether you are creating a consensus around your team(s) business goals and objectives or trying to close a deal with a client, the ability to read one’s body language is critical to your success. Following are 3 […]

3 Non-Verbal Communication Secrets Revealed to Promote Success for your Business and Life

Verbal communication, i.e., the words you choose to get your message across is extremely valuable to your success in business (and life). Just as importantly however, (if not more importantly) is non-verbal communication. It is essential to your business success – with body language being perhaps the most important type of non-verbal communication. Being cognizant […]

3 Communication Skills for Your Success

Women know true success is found within our relationships – not money. The way we communicate with ourselves and with others ultimately determines the overall quality of our life – and the success or lack thereof – of everything we do! Creating and nurturing a true partnership with your partner is predicated upon effective communication […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts for the Office Holiday Party

Like it or not, it’s that time of year again – the office holiday party! As a relationship expert I’ve seen and heard of many careers crash and burn related to inappropriate behavior at this event. Here are five “do’s and don’ts” to avoid career suicide during the office holiday party. Following the appropriate etiquette […]