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The #1 Secret to a Happy Marriage

Many of us make the same mistake when it comes to love & marriage. We forget the most important relationship of them all. No, it is not our relationship with our spouse or significant other. It is our relationship with ourself! Huh? Our relationship with ourself is the foundation upon which all other relationships are […]

Video: The #1 Secret You Must Know to Keep the Love Alive in Your Relationship

  Don’t you wish you knew the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to keep the love alive in your marriage/relationship? Watch this video where I share the #1 Secret for keeping the love alive. #911MarriageHelp #MarriageExpert #CommunicationExpert Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship, Dr. Patty Ann  

Sex Beliefs: Fact or Fiction?

How can a topic which is written and talked about so often have so much mis-information attached to it? It is fairly safe to say the subject of sex practically consumes us as a society. I don’t think there is one issue of any women’s magazine that doesn’t contain at least one article about sex! […]

New Year’s Resolutions: 4 Tips for Recapturing Love & Intimacy in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and with it comes the traditional resolutions we make for the upcoming year.  You know the drill: This year I am going to:  lose weight, start exercising, eat healthy, give up the booze – well maybe not give it up but drink less, save money, etc., etc., […]

It’s time to enjoy the Holidays with the one you Love

All the madness and hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is finally behind you. It is now time to reap the fruits of your labor. You have put so much time and effort into making sure everyone receives just the right gift or maybe you spent all your energies baking everyone’s favorite dessert or meal. […]

4 Fantastic Ways to Spark Romance and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Spring is a time for renewal. So why not renew our relationship as we leave the cold winter behind us? There are many fantastic ways to spark romance and intimacy in your relationship; below I have revealed 4 of my favorite ones. They are simple, inexpensive and virtually guaranteed to bring back that lovin’ feeling […]

Make 3 Simple Emotional Investments – Triple the Love and Intimacy in Your Relationship!

Success in anything we do requires commitment, effort and investment of time and energy. The same is true for your relationship. Take a moment and think about how much commitment effort and energy you invest in your relationship. Be honest with yourself. Have you put the kids, your job, housework, your hobby, etc. before your […]

Time to be Sexy

I have been curious about this for a while so I have finally decided to ask about it on the heels of the most romantic day on the calendar – Valentine’s Day. Do you wear sexy lingerie all the time or only for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, etc? Rekindle Romance and […]

Keeping Intimacy Alive

This week relationship advice ezine talked about how emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy go hand in hand in a happy healthy relationship. We really can’t have one without the other. Isn’t it amazing how life sometimes gets in the way of taking care of your relationship. Share with us how you keep intimacy alive in […]

How Sex Improves The Quality of Your Life

Sex and your relationship have been discussed in past issues of Dr. Patty Ann’s relationship advice e-zine “Two Hearts Beating As One”. You might have been surprised to find out how sex helps prevent you from getting colds and infections. It would be wonderful for you to share how you think sex improves the overall […]