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Always Fighting about the Credit Card Bill after the Holidays? 3 Simple Secrets to Finally Stop Fighting about Money in the New Year

Every year you resolve NOT to do it. You promise yourself you do not want to always be fighting with your partner about the credit card bills. In fact, you promised your self last year that 2010 would be the year you finally stop fighting about money! And yet here you are, once again, fighting, […]

March Forward to a New & Improved Relationship

Most of us take some kind of inventory during the month of March. And when we do, we are usually pretty surprised to see how much unnecessary stuff we have accumulated over the winter. If we stop and take inventory of our relationship, we might discover how much old and unnecessary emotional baggage we have […]

The Marriage Ref Feb.28, 2010

The Marriage Ref Feb.28, 2010 I love the unspoken premise to the Marriage Ref show- that you must be able to laugh at your marriage and not take every situation so seriously!! Comments on Kevin & Danielle – The “Fonz” issue – should Kevin be allowed to keep his dead stuffed dog in a shrine […]

Are you still keeping your New Year resolutions

We are a full week into the New Year and I can’t help but wonder how many people have stuck to those New Year’s Resolutions made ages ago. LOL. Guess what? It doesn’t really matter.  This is still a new year and we are all off to a new start – especially in our relationship. […]

Your Relationship in the New Year

Since everyone talks about getting into shape for the New Year, this week’s relationship advice ezine article jumps in on the bandwagon but I added a twist – we are going to talk about 3 easy ways to get your relationship into shape for 2010. To receive this article, be sure you are subscribed to […]

New Year’s Resolutions

The gifts have been opened, maybe some have already been exchanged. You now are probably longing for some rest and relaxation that will follow New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day. As you look ahead to the upcoming year, have you made a New Year’s Resolution? And if so, would you please share it with […]

Is Monogamy for a Lifetime?

The media seems to be exploding about stories dealing with infidelity; David Letterman, Stephen Phillips, Jon & Kate (ugh!) and the celebrity list goes on and on. All the media focus on infidelity leads one to wonder, is monogamy for a lifetime a realistic goal for our relationships or should we re-think this whole concept […]

How Will You Keep That Summer Fling Feeling Going into the Fall

Labor Day weekend is upon us; heralding the “unofficial’ end of the summer season. It is time to get the kids ready to go back to school and much to my dismay I saw Halloween items in the store the other day. As you pack up your summer attitude, what plans have you made to […]

What sacrifices do you willingly make for the sake of your relationship?

Most things that are worth having in life do not come easy.  We make tremendous sacrifices and put forth great effort to achieve our goals in life so when we attain these goals, the rewards are all the sweeter. Realizing that nothing good comes easy in life, please share with me what you believe your […]