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Avoid a break-up with 3 Conflict Resolution Skills Necessary to Keep Your Relationship out of a Deep Winter Freeze

Preparing for an unexpected winter storm got me thinking about all the couples I have worked with over the years whose relationships go into a deep freeze when conflicts arise. Why does this occur? Because these couples were left totally unprepared for conflict and lacked the necessary conflict resolution skills essential for handling these conflicts. So many times I wish these couples […]

How Couples Can Avoid Fighting about Money During the Holidays

Most women love to shop. Truth be told, the holidays can be the perfect excuse for women to not only engage in – but ramp up into full gear – this favorite female pastime activity. Never mind that I, the bizarre person I can be at times hates shopping. (I know, this alone should throw […]

Make Up Instead of Breaking Up Your Relationship During the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and you feel as if your relationship might break up soon. If this happens, you will be stuck spending the holidays alone – no kiss for you under the mistletoe! To prevent this from happening and keep your relationship together for the holiday season I have decided to […]