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3 Easy Tips to Handle Marriage Stress

We knew the honeymoon was going to end sooner or later, yet we still don’t know how to deal with it when it ends. Many couples are still unpacking their bridal gifts when it becomes increasingly clear that the honeymoon is over. Those fights that you swore you would never have – erupt. Those things […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By the time most couples have made their way either into my office or on a conference call with me, they bring with them a laundry list of complaints about each other. Both partners proceed to spend almost all their time complaining about all their partners’ faults, sometimes even frantically waving a literal list of […]

3 Secrets to Fight Fair!

All couples fight at one point or another in their relationship. Fighting does not doom your relationship – or kill the intimacy you feel for one another.  However, keeping the flames of passion alive in your relationship depends upon how you fight. Below are 3 secret tips for fighting that will keep the flames of […]

She Sees Clutter, He Sees Treasures

Clutter is a powerful enemy in busy families’ struggles to stay happy and sane. Its psychological aspects can contribute to stress and undermine relationships. Few couples realize the importance of dealing with it until it is way out of control. Yet when a couple decides to conquer clutter, the process itself often becomes a struggle […]

When your Marriage hits the Rocks, Take a Stroll down Memory Lane

When couples are feeling disconnected and experiencing emotional turmoil (regardless of the reason), I always ask the questions: “Tell me how you first met? Tell me why you fell in love with your partner?” Couples then pause and look at me in an extremely quizzical way, almost as if to say: “Hey, I want to […]

How to STOP Money Fights to Save Your Marriage

Money fights are, in fact, the #1 reason for fighting among couples. Money sparks more disagreements, kindles the most resentment and confusion, and is a major reason (if not the reason) behind many divorces.  And guess what? As you accumulate wealth throughout your relationship, money fights do not disappear; the stakes just get higher. This […]

Stop Fighting During the Holidays – and Give Thanks

Thanksgiving begins the official start of the holiday season. Unfortunately – for many couples – this means fighting over a million different things. Why? We get so stressed out with all the extra “to-do’s” on our already jam-packed “to-do” list, tension escalates and before you know it we are at each other’s throat. This holiday […]

Conflict Resolution Advice for Your Relationship and Your Business

Conflict in our relationships cannot be created in a vacuum. At least two people are responsible for it when it enters our lives. Regardless of whether you “started” the conflict or fight, or you are allowing it to “perpetuate”, you have some personal responsibility for its presence in your relationship. Taking personal responsibility is conflict […]