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Are you sabotaging your relationship?

It never ceases to amaze me how people sabotage their relationships. It seems to me that we act before we think and this creates all sorts of troubles in our love life. It would be great to hear how you found yourself sabotaging your relationship, and what you did to stop this pattern of behavior […]

How is criticism impacting your relationship?

Why do you think you criticize your partner for the silliest things, especially when you know they are only trying to help you out? The old American Indian adage, “walk a mile in someone’s moccasins before you criticize them”, applies to all types of criticism. Maybe it is just human nature that compels us to […]

How do you resolve fights in your relationship?

How do you resolve fights in your relationship? Let’s share our experiences so we all learn! All people are special and unique. All relationships are special and unique too. So it is inevitable that two people will create a special and unique relationship. What is common to all relationships is that all relationships have arguments […]

Arguments with your partner, what is your personal contribution

When you and your partner argue, do you remember to look at your personal contribution to the difficulties you’re having in your relationship? Explain. It is so easy to point our finger and blame our partner when things do not go smoothly in our relationship.  What we must remember is that it takes two people […]