Do your actions speak louder than words?

What do you think of the thought that “actions speak louder than words” in helping you feel happy and romantic in your relationship. In our relationships, we all love to hear our partners say nice things to us. We all love to be told how pretty or handsome we look. Verbal compliments always make us […]

Money and your relationship

How do you feel money plays a role in the happiness or unhappiness of your relationship? It has been said that money is the root of all evil. It also makes the world go round. Clearly money is a necessary part of our lives and therefore our relationships.  Money brings out strong positive and negative […]

Keeping your relationship alive and healthy

What types of fun moments or special activities do you like to do with your partner to keep your relationship alive and emotionally healthy? It is really important that couples have fun times when they are together. Planning and having special activities together helps maintain a happy, healthy relationship because they provide a breath of […]

Arguments with your partner, what is your personal contribution

When you and your partner argue, do you remember to look at your personal contribution to the difficulties you’re having in your relationship? Explain. It is so easy to point our finger and blame our partner when things do not go smoothly in our relationship.  What we must remember is that it takes two people […]

What sacrifices do you willingly make for the sake of your relationship?

Most things that are worth having in life do not come easy.  We make tremendous sacrifices and put forth great effort to achieve our goals in life so when we attain these goals, the rewards are all the sweeter. Realizing that nothing good comes easy in life, please share with me what you believe your […]

What do we have in common?

People have different values and expectations out of life. But regardless of how different we might be from each other in some ways, the desire for a happy, intimate relationship is a common bond. Please share your thoughts and feelings on what a happy, intimate relationship means for you. Building Together A Relationship Filled With […]

How do you express happiness in your relationship?

When I look at a rainbow, I am often amazed at the kaleidoscope of colors  I see. And then I find myself thinking about all the possible combination of colors that can be made from the original colors of the rainbow and wonder how people pick their favorite color out of so many beautiful ones. […]

Happy New Year – 2010!!!

January 1, 2010 – New Year’s Day. It is a day for new beginnings and a fresh start to the New Year. People love to make New Year’s resolutions – even though we know most people don’t keep them! But hey, we love to try!  Today’s relationship advice ezine gave you a really simple, easy […]