What is your favorite love song?

When you listen to music you would think that almost every single song is about love, romance and relationships – in one form or another. Do you and your partner share a favorite love song and if so, what makes this song special to your relationship? Young love, old love, true love, false love. Love […]

Do you communicate about what you need/want in your relationship?

Tell us how you ask your partner for what you want and/or need from your relationship. Do you stand on ceremony and expect your partner to be able to read your mind? Are you guilty of the belief, that if your partner really understands you, they would know what you might want and/or need from […]

Do other couples envy you and your partner?

What do you and your partner share in your relationship that you know other couples envy and would love to have? Maybe the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence when it comes to some relationships. While some couples might fake being happy, we all know some genuinely happy couples (I […]

How is criticism impacting your relationship?

Why do you think you criticize your partner for the silliest things, especially when you know they are only trying to help you out? The old American Indian adage, “walk a mile in someone’s moccasins before you criticize them”, applies to all types of criticism. Maybe it is just human nature that compels us to […]

Celebrating with special moments

We all look forward to the warm weather months ahead here in North America. Are there any special activities and/or moments you and your partner create that are unique to this beautiful time of year? Special moments shared together help create the foundation for a happy, healthy relationship. The beautiful weather this time of year […]

Recession-proofing your relationship

Everyone is experiencing financial stress due to the horrible state of the economy. How has your relationship been impacted by the economy? What couple hasn’t felt the stress & strain of these financial times? It is important to recognize that your relationship is not a slave to the state of the economy. This week’s upcoming […]

What nicknames do you and your partner use?

Are you in a relationship where you have cute little nicknames for each other? Please give us the nickname and the story behind it. Couples usually have special nicknames for each other. These nicknames usually describe a special personality trait or unique situation that remains private to the people in the relationship. Using nicknames for […]

Little things can go a long way

What little things do you do for your partner that go a long way to increasing romance & happiness in your relationship and it usually won’t cost any money? People in relationships sometimes buy their partners expensive gifts for their birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. Many times a tremendous amount of time, energy and money […]

Free activities to increase intimacy and happiness

What are some of the free things you like to do with your partner that you feel increases the intimacy and happiness in your relationship? Taking a walk on the beach or strolling through the park are some of the activities that couples love to do together. These types of activities speak to my belief […]

How do you resolve fights in your relationship?

How do you resolve fights in your relationship? Let’s share our experiences so we all learn! All people are special and unique. All relationships are special and unique too. So it is inevitable that two people will create a special and unique relationship. What is common to all relationships is that all relationships have arguments […]