Relationships in the Summertime

Summertime and the living is easy. By now you know how much my husband and I (and my whole family for that matter) love the beach. Whether we are taking a walk together or just lying on a chair soaking in the beautiful sun rays, the beach has always been a place where we can […]

Are you really listening?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about how listening plays a key role when communicating with our partner. Have there been times when you have caught yourself trying to listen to what your partner was saying to you, only to realize, oops, I didn’t hear a single word they said.  (I must have gotten caught […]

Relationships are like the four seasons

Relationships are like the seasons. They go through warm, balmy days and cold, chilly ones – and all the weather in between. How would you use the seasons as a way to describe your relationship? Building Together A Relationship Filled With Love, Health & Wealth, Dr. Patty Ann

Music and your relationship

Music is considered to be a universal language. For example, most people have a wedding song for their first dance as a married couple. There are so many other special moments couples share in their relationship with a specific song. Let’s share with each other a special moment in your relationship and the song you […]

Is your relationship flexible?

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”. As a part of life, our relationships often take many unanticipated twists and turns as well. Share with us whether you or your partner are more flexible and able to change course when life throws your relationship a curve ball. Building Together A Relationship […]

How do you show commitment in your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine discusses the role of commitment in a happy, healthy relationship. We all want to be in a committed relationship. In order to get our partner to commit to our relationship, we have to first be willing to demonstrate our commitment to ourselves. What are some of the ways you reveal […]

Agree to disagree; valuable in all relationships

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about the value of “agreeing to disagree” with your partner. Disagreements are part of all relationships, even the happiest ones.  Some issues however, touch our personal “hot buttons”. These are sensitive issues that will never be resolved between a couple. What are some of your personal “hot buttons” which […]

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

If you could live anywhere in the world with your partner, where would it be and why? There are so many beautiful and romantic places in the world. Would you prefer the skiing in the Scandinavian Mountains or the balmy shores of the Caribbean Islands? Or maybe you would live on a sailboat and sail […]

How do you re-ignite your s-e-x life?

Money might make the world go round, but Love and S-E-X sure keep it interesting! Share with us your secret for keeping your s-e-x life alive, without being X-rated! You can have S-E-X with someone you don’t have an intimate, loving relationship with. But would you want an intimate, loving relationship without s-e-x? Which do […]