Celebrate the differences in your relationship

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talked about the value of celebrating the diverse personalities we bring to our relationships.  Relationships where both partners are very similar would be quite boring after a very short time. Share with us how you and your partner have different personalities and/or character traits and tell us how you celebrate […]

Support for Rick Pitino’s Wife, Joanne

Here we go again! Rick Pitino, the renowned basketball coach at the University of Louisville and gifted motivational speaker joins a long line of “role model” coaches and husbands who have allegedly committed adultery and come forward to beg forgiveness. This relationship advice blog is not about Rick Pitino; it is not about Karen Shypher, […]

The Summer Atmosphere and Your Relationship

“Summertime and the living is easy”. There is something about the summer that promotes a carefree atmosphere and feeling in most people.  This laissez-fare attitude usually translates to our relationship and helps increase romance and happiness in our relationship. We would love to hear how the carefree feeling of the summer helps you feel more […]

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

In this week’s relationship advice e-zine we look at how the ability to keep our sense of humor and laugh at ourselves and each other is the glue that keeps our relationship together. All relationships hit stormy seas. And one way or another, we have to find a way to navigate our relationship through these […]

What is your childhood relationship fantasy?

People love to look at the heavens and wonder about the universe surrounding us. Didn’t we all grow up learning to “wish upon a star”? What kind of romantic relationship did you believe your future held for you when you were that child “wishing upon a star”. Share with us your childhood wishes for a […]

Friendship or emotional affair?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine topic is a loaded one. We discussed how to tell if you have crossed the threshold of having a friendship or being engaged in an emotional affair. We all know when someone is openly flirting with us. They might hold our hand during a handshake for just a little to […]

What quirks does your partner have that you LOVE?

Everybody has little quirks that others either love or hate about them. It might be the way one eyebrow is raised when they tell a joke or the way they walk when they are in a hurry. What is a silly little quirk your partner has that you just love about them, even thought they […]

Use your eyes when communicating

The importance of being able to see someone’s eyes when you are having a conversation with them is the discussion of this week’s relationship advice e-zine. Without a doubt, a picture paints a thousand words. I also firmly believe the eyes are the window to the soul. Do you agree or disagree with this statement. […]

How do you laugh at yourself?

It is really important to have a sense of humor. Taking ourselves too seriously creates unnecessary angst. Life is hard enough. We must be able to laugh at ourselves as easily as we are able to laugh at others, including our partner. Does your partner tell a story about something that happened to you that […]

Do you have realistic expectations for your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about the value of setting realistic expectations for your relationship. It is great to set high expectations for your life.  If you do not expect anything out of life that is exactly what you will get – nothing.  The same is true for your relationship.  We should have high […]