How Does the “Love Hormone” Make You Feel?

The “love hormone” – I don’t know about you but I just love how those words sound. I can practically hear Marvin Gaye singing in the background “… can’t get enough of your love baby”. Do you get a tingly feeling all over or does your heart seem like it skips a beat when you […]

You Have to Live in the Moment

Fall is here so all the kids are back at school. Believe it or not I think I see Xmas decorations in the store already. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning ahead that we forget to live in the moment. What ways have you found to stay within the moment in your relationship […]

Keep The Fire Burning in Your Relationship

This week’s relationship advice e-zine discussed the importance of keeping your relationship alive. We all know how easy it is for our relationship to fall into the same old dull routine. I would love for you to give us your ideas on how you keep the fires burning alive in your relationship. Building Together A […]

How Will You Keep That Summer Fling Feeling Going into the Fall

Labor Day weekend is upon us; heralding the “unofficial’ end of the summer season. It is time to get the kids ready to go back to school and much to my dismay I saw Halloween items in the store the other day. As you pack up your summer attitude, what plans have you made to […]

Are You a Team Player in Your Relationship?

One of the many reasons we find team sports to be so exciting is the fact that they require the players on the team to not only have talent but to also possess a willingness to sacrifice their individual talent for the greater good of the team. Healthy relationships also require that we act as […]

Wishing on a Star and Your Relationship

People love to look at the heavens and wonder about the universe surrounding us. Didn’t we all grow up learning to “wish upon a star”? What kind of romantic relationship did you believe your future held for you when you were that child “wishing upon a star”. Share with us your childhood wishes for a […]

Secret Ingredient to Surviving Fights

The ability to compromise when we fight is the secret ingredient for surviving fights in our relationship. For more information and discussion on this topic be sure you are a subscriber to our relationship advice e-zine. That is our topic this week and we will also discuss how the ability to compromise is seen as […]

What is your definition of foreplay?

This blog is going to get a little steamy, so be warned. Foreplay is a very important aspect of sex (and I am not referring to foreplay meaning whether Brett Favre will choose to play football in the Fall or not – lol). The purpose of foreplay is to get you and your partner in […]

Are you sabotaging your relationship?

It never ceases to amaze me how people sabotage their relationships. It seems to me that we act before we think and this creates all sorts of troubles in our love life. It would be great to hear how you found yourself sabotaging your relationship, and what you did to stop this pattern of behavior […]

Celebrate the differences in your relationship

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talked about the value of celebrating the diverse personalities we bring to our relationships.  Relationships where both partners are very similar would be quite boring after a very short time. Share with us how you and your partner have different personalities and/or character traits and tell us how you celebrate […]