3 Ways Developing Relationship Skills for your Employees Increase Overall Productivity

As the economy slowly but surely begins to improve, companies will need to invest more in their key asset – their people. If your company has failed to invest in their employees with the appropriate training, they will surely jump ship when the first opportunity presents itself. Investing in your employees is smart business because, quite frankly, it is the only way you will be able to stay in business and lead the pack in a competitively global environment.

Following are three (3) key reasons to invest in your employees by training and developing their relationship skills in the following ways.

  1. Investing in the training and development of your employees relationship skills will make them feel valued and appreciated. These employees are more likely to be fully engaged and committed to both the company and their fellow employees – leading them to contribute above and beyond their job description.

  2. Dedicated employees will not only separate your company from its competition but they will also lead company innovation. Why? Providing relationship tools for your employees will enhance their overall individual productivity and this will directly increase the performance of each employees group.

  3. Investing in your current employees by providing relationship skill training will foster positive feelings about the employee themselves and how they feel about their company. All this positivity will make employees want to come to work everyday. This creates a positive company culture that fosters good will among employees while getting the creative juices flowing – all at the same time. Promoting and encouraging a positive and healthy work culture has the added benefit of increasing employee loyalty – helping to retain high performers, while also increasing the ability to recruit new talent. Who doesn’t want to work for a company or small business owner that has the reputation of investing in their employees?

Providing relationship tools for your employees is not a luxury to be acquired when there is money left to spend in the budget – it is a necessity in today’s global environment where the competition is fierce and there is a shortage of talent. Remember, all success begins with relationships. And most people and companies – want to do business with people and companies they know and trust.


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Dr. Patty Ann


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