The NYC Marathon and your Marriage – and what they have in common

Do you know people who run marathons? I’m in awe of these athletes who run this long grueling race initiated by the ancient Greeks centuries ago. This Sunday, November 4, 2012, NYC is hosting their annual marathon event. The 5 boroughs of New York will be lined with spectators at least 4 rows deep. Speak to athletes who have run this event and they will tell you there is nothing like the support of these spectators as their legs tire and their bodies begin to ache. The support and encouragement runners receive from these spectators unquestionably plays a major role in their ability to experience the thrill of crossing the finish line.

While running the marathon, there are times when it is really difficult and the runner wants to quit; and there are times when you hit your stride and it feels effortless. There are good times and bad times, flat, smooth surfaces and stretches marked with potholes and pitfalls. But once you have negotiated these rough patches you can look back on the fact that you made it and feel an almost overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment.

Don’t we all experience tough times in our marriage similar to those faced by these marathon runners? There are times when we want to quit; when it seems too hard to stay together and work through the emotional rollercoaster all marriages face – the ups and downs and the highs and lows. But when you experience this array of emotions with your partner – knowing that you are in this marriage together – rather than at odds with each other – you will get through the darkest of days and come out to brighter days ahead. Speak with any couple who has stayed together through thick and thin and they will tell you it wasn’t easy – but it sure was worth it. They express a tremendous sense of love, gratitude and appreciation to their partner and themselves for sticking with it – even when they thought they couldn’t last one more day together. But they did – and they now reap the unmitigated rewards of their persistence, perseverance and inability to give into doubt. And you can too!

Congratulations and hats off to all the athletes who will go the distance in a few days! Congratulations to all the marriages and long-term relationships which have stayed together during some dark days and nights to go the distance and cross the finish line together!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann