Emotional Intelligence: A Powerful Relationship Skill needed for success in your business/career and your life

Before this relationship skill was identified, it was believed that success was predicated upon one’s I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient). Conventional wisdom suggested that the higher the I.Q. the greater the chance for success. We now know that one’s I.Q. is merely one variable necessary for success – and perhaps not the most important one. Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) is now identified as a necessary type of intelligence, and a leading prerequisite for success in both business and interpersonal relationships.

Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) helps us understand how really smart people sabotage their success in the business and academic world and why people with low emotional intelligence, in spite of a high I.Q., cannot get out of their way. Therefore, let’s take a look at what emotional intelligence is and why it is so tantamount to one’s success.

From an operational perspective, Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) can quite simply be defined as the ability to build healthy relationships in real time. As Stephen Covey, the best selling author of: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” stated: “all success begins with relationships.” People with high emotional intelligence have this ability to form healthy relationships as Covey suggests.

We all know networking is critical to our business success. People who have a high E.I. will be very skilled at networking – providing them with the invaluable advantage of creating what I will refer to as a “golden rolodex”, i.e., a list of powerful names that will help them get the job done, names they can access when a dooming deadline is approaching, and people who will promote them both within and outside their companies. Therefore, E.I. allows us to climb up the corporate ladder. Our “golden rolodex” forms the relationships that will be at the core of one’s success in business and its power is far greater than one can quantify.

As “good enough” isn’t “good enough” anymore – a global world demands the ability to create healthy relationships in real time. Emotional intelligence is now recognized as the quintessential relationship skill needed for success in business and life.

The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life,

Dr. Patty Ann