Your Marriage & Your Business Depends on this One Critical Relationship Skill

Never before have we had so many ways to enhance this one critical relationship skill and yet never before have we been so lacking in this ability. Whether I am working with couples in a VIP Couples Day or conducting seminars for female entrepreneurs, this one critical relationship skill is usually where most of my work is focused. Marriages and relationships are torn apart, and businesses lose money at lightning speed when people fail to do this. I am talking about the ability to effectively communicate. Notice I did not just say communicate, I said “effectively” communicate. Most experts discuss communication skills – this is mis-information. The critical element for success in your business and your relationships is the ability to effectively communicate with your partner and your colleagues and clients – on both a large and small scale.

You want to stop fighting and increase romance and happiness in your marriage? Learn how to effectively communicate with your partner!

You want to increase sales? Increase your businesses ability to effectively communicate!

Below are the 3 key elements needed for effective communication in your marriage and your business. Your success in your business and happiness in your marriage is practically guaranteed when you successfully implement the following:

  1. Verbal Communication – words have meanings. There are many different words we can choose to verbally communicate our feelings and messages. The more sensitive the subject and/or topic being discussed, the more important it is you choose your words carefully. Be sensitive when choosing your words.
  2. Non-Verbal Communication – more than 50% of all communication takes place without saying one word. In other words, non-verbal communication which includes our body language, tone of voice and attitude speaks volumes when we are in a discussion. I believe the most important aspect of body language is what our eyes say – or don’t say! It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is why, even in today’s modern world of ever increasing technology, business will always require traveling to client sites so we can actually meet business associates and clients fact-to-face. We want to see the people we are engaging ourselves with and for good reason. When we are discussing an important subject with our partner, it is strongly suggested you do so face-to-face.
  3. Active Listening – No matter how eloquently we choose or words or how accurately we read somebody’s body language, effective communication cannot take place without the ability to actively listen. Active listening takes place when we listen with an open heart and open mind – without our own agenda. Most people, in business and in marriage, listen by trying to “catch” the other person in a factual error. Many people also listen without really hearing what is being said to them, they merely stand there waiting for the other person to finish speaking so they can say what they want to say – and they are not really listening to one word that is being spoken to them.

Your ability to effectively communicate, using these 3 key elements of effective communication: verbal, non-verbal and active listening, will provide you with the one critical relationship skill you must have for success in your marriage and your business in the new year – use them!

The Place For Relationship Tools For Success In Business and Life,

Dr. Patty Ann


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  1. Mary Hill says:

    My husband and I are struggling with this very thing — you’ve identified the areas I could certainly work on. I’m hoping to hear and learn more surrounding the “how” to effectively communicate. Thank you!

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