3 Easy Ways to Get Sizzle Back into Your Relationship as Summer Dwindles Down

As much as we all love our kids, let’s admit it, when they are around during the summer months, they find a way of getting most of our energy and attention – often leaving us too exhausted to spend quality time with our partner. We don’t begrudge the kids for one second – we love them with all our heart – but let’s be honest, they can certainly find a way of zapping all our energy and free time away from other things we might enjoy doing, like spending some quality time with our spouse.

As we get the kids ready to go back-to-school, let’s not forget to focus again on our relationship with our significant other. Below are 3 Easy Ways to Get Sizzle Back into Your Relationship as Summer Dwindles Down.

1. Prioritize your relationship. We can no longer use the kids being around all the time as an excuse for keeping your relationship on the back burner – or ignoring it all together. Put your relationship front and center in your life – where it belongs – and get back into scheduling time together – if that is the only way your busy life can find time for your relationship. Grab a calendar and schedule a date night – at least once a week! Make sure you and your partner have agreed to prioritize these scheduled dates together and get the babysitters lined up to make it work. No excuses – just do it. (And by the way – they don’t have to be date “nights” – they can be lunches together or early morning walks – you get the picture.)

2. Touch each other. Remember to hug, kiss and rub each other’s back if the mood suits you. Touch, also known as tactile stimulation, is one of the best ways to increase intimacy in your relationship because it creates a chemical reaction that connects you to each other. I don’t want to get too geeky on you but believe me when I tell you touch is crucial to romance and intimacy. Doesn’t everyone love to be touched?

3. Communicate. This sounds so simple but we can so easily forget to communicate with each other in the midst of all the buzz and swirl of back- to-school activity. We spend a lot of time talking about everything and everyone and forget to talk about each other and our feelings. Talking about feelings will keep you feeling emotionally connected and increase your level of trust with each other. Communication between partners is a sure fire way to increase intimacy and romance!

As you get your kids revved up for school with their backpacks, notebooks, paper and pencils – rev up your relationship by prioritizing it with scheduled date nights, touch each other as a great way to stay emotionally connected and remember to communicate with each other. You are now all set to put the sizzle back into your relationship!

Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship,

Dr. Patty Ann