A Relationship Expert’s Comments on the Dr. Laura Controversy

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s appeal to the masses, evidenced in her 30 years spent writing and talking about relationships has always perplexed me.  We do not need to be perfect to help others; however, a little delving into Dr. Laura’s life reveals some incredibly strained interpersonal relationships (to say the very least).  Again, it is not for me to judge how someone lives their life but I would like to think someone who is in the profession of helping people in their intimate relationships actually has one of their own.

While a guest on CNN’s “Larry King Live” show, Dr. Laura told Larry King she will not be renewing her contract which expires at the end of this year, claiming she wants to “regain my First Amendment rights”.  In the event you are aware of the controversy swirling around her, Dr. Laura used the “n” word 11 times within the course of five minutes during a call-in interview on her radio show.  The caller was in a bi-racial marriage.  She was an African-American woman who was seeking help on how to handle racial comments from her husband’s relatives and friends.

Any person who proclaims to be an expert dealing with people in relationships should understand that all relationships, especially those of an intimate nature, are based upon mutual respect, trust and understanding.  The fact that others use a reprehensible, derogatory word does not in any way condone the use of that word. And the “n” word, which I cannot even allow myself to write out in full, is one of the most disgusting words one could use to describe anyone. Period!

Dr. Laura’s rationale for using this word, was that black comedians on HBO use it all the time – is absurd.  This reminds me of parents who are trying to teach their children not to hit each other when they are angry – go over to their child – hit them and say: “You don’t hit”!  This makes no sense at all!  Children will repeat what they see and as an expert, we have an obligation to lead by example in our words and deeds!

Having never been a fan of Dr. Laura, I say good-bye and good riddance’s.  If her radio station is looking for a real relationship expert, one who not only talks the talk but walks the walk – give me a call!

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Dr. Patty Ann
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5 thoughts on “A Relationship Expert’s Comments on the Dr. Laura Controversy

  1. John Wilder says:

    I used to be a regular listener to Dr Laura. Her answers were always right on. The onlything that I can think of is that she is going through the change of life or she is in early stages of Alzheimers. Your piling on is not helpful or professional but grandstaninding and the worst kind of schadenfreude.

    A little professional courtesy would be more in keeping.

    John Wilder

    • Dr. Patty Ann says:

      Hi John,
      Thank you for your comment. As I wrote in my blog, I have always been perplexed by her popularity – apparently you have been one of her fans. We may agree to disagree. However, Dr. Laura’s role is to be helpful to her followers – the fact that she was not has nothing to do with me grandstanding. In addition, my comments about her inappropriate and unprofessional behavior does not reflect upon my professionalism in any way, shape or form!

      Dr. Patty Ann

  2. Rachel says:

    Dr. Patty Ann,

    I don’t know much about Dr. Laura except what I’ve just heard about her on the news recently. What I do find interesting is how her personal life shows strained interpersonal relationships. I find it really frustrating how people claim to be experts or give advice publicly without any personal experience and most of the time very little if no education, training etc.

    I think having both, personal and professional education is very important if you are going to call yourself an expert or give advice on a topic. Just my two cents…really don’t know much about this Dr. Laura.

    Best wishes,

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