Money and your relationship

How do you feel money plays a role in the happiness or unhappiness of your relationship?

It has been said that money is the root of all evil. It also makes the world go round. Clearly money is a necessary part of our lives and therefore our relationships.  Money brings out strong positive and negative emotions in our relationships. My upcoming weekly ezine will discuss the role that money sometimes plays in our relationship causing fights and even divorce.

Building Together A Relationship Filled With Love, Health & Wealth,

Dr. Patty Ann

2 thoughts on “Money and your relationship

  1. rachelm says:

    Hi Patty Ann,
    This is such a great topic. Thank you so much for your blog! I loved your article this week in your ezine on this topic. My husband and I have the same attitudes about money and spending. Each month we go over our budget and make our finances a joint effort. But I know a ton of couples who do not do this…they spend differently, have different ideas of how money SHOULD be spent and I know a lot of married couples who treat the money they earn as their own and they can spend it how they want. I agree with you that fights about money are not just about money and I continue to look forward to your blog and ezine articles!

  2. Dr. Patty Ann says:

    Hi Rachel,
    You and your husband are so lucky to have the same attitude about money and how it is spent. So much of the relationship advice I offer couples has to do with teaching them how to deal with different attitudes about money and how it is spent. Since the emotions often run so high and are so negative, most of the relationship advice I offer has to do with showing couples what the money is actually symbolic of in their relationship, and as you already know from this week’s ezine, it is usually not about money at all!!

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