Keeping your relationship alive and healthy

What types of fun moments or special activities do you like to do with your partner to keep your relationship alive and emotionally healthy?

It is really important that couples have fun times when they are together. Planning and having special activities together helps maintain a happy, healthy relationship because they provide a breath of fresh air into our relationship.

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Dr. Patty Ann

3 thoughts on “Keeping your relationship alive and healthy

  1. rachelm says:

    My husband and I love McDonald’s flurries. We like to go through the drive through and get flurries and sit in the car talking about whatever is on our minds. We’ve done this for years whenever we’ve had a hard day or just really want to try to find some time together to talk. It’s a special treat all around. It has been a little harder to do since the birth of our daughter 7 months ago.

    Right now we are trying to find ways to have special activities that don’t interfere with our daughter’s sleeping schedule 🙂

    • Dr. Patty Ann says:

      Flexibility is the key to any healthy relationship- especially when you have a new born baby! You and your husband can still enjoy your flurries from McDonald’s, you just have to be flexible about when you go out to get them. Or better yet, send your husband out for the flurries while you put the baby down for his/her nap and by the time he returns with the flurries, the baby will sleeping and you and he will be able to enjoy your flurries together – just like the “old days” which I call B.C. – “Before “C”hildren!

  2. rachelm says:

    I love the B.C. 🙂 My husband and I were talking this weekend and we brainstormed a bunch of ways to be flexible. Thanks for your great advice Patty Ann!

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