How do you express happiness in your relationship?

When I look at a rainbow, I am often amazed at the kaleidoscope of colors  I see. And then I find myself thinking about all the possible combination of colors that can be made from the original colors of the rainbow and wonder how people pick their favorite color out of so many beautiful ones.

Just like a rainbow, people express happiness in their relationship in so many different ways based upon the combination of personalities which make up the relationship.

I would love for you to share with me what qualities are essential to you for a happy, romantic relationship.

Building Together A Relationship Filled With Love, Health & Wealth,

Dr. Patty Ann

3 thoughts on “How do you express happiness in your relationship?

  1. moemoe1234 says:

    Patty Ann, get site. This is really needed in these hard times as couples try to stay together and not loose sight of what their relationship should really be based on.

  2. says:

    This is great! — I first thought (I don’t need this, I’m already in a relationship) but I agree with moemoe1234 these times can be very trying and is easy to get off track. Dr. Patty Ann has great advise about relationships. It’s wonderful to be able to log in any time and get inspired by her! —

    • Dr. Patty Ann says:

      I totally agree. Relationships are our most valuable assets but we rarely take stock of them! My hope is this blog will be one of several tools to help people balance their relationship checkbook. Any feedback on my ezine “say what you mean and mean what you say?”

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