What sacrifices do you willingly make for the sake of your relationship?

Most things that are worth having in life do not come easy.  We make tremendous sacrifices and put forth great effort to achieve our goals in life so when we attain these goals, the rewards are all the sweeter.

Realizing that nothing good comes easy in life, please share with me what you believe your greatest challenge is for you in your relationship.

Building Together A Relationship Filled With Love, Health & Wealth,

Dr. Patty Ann

2 thoughts on “What sacrifices do you willingly make for the sake of your relationship?

  1. rachelm says:

    Hi Patty Ann,
    I find that my greatest challenge in my marriage is finding time to spend together. If we’re not working, cleaning, running errands, or taking care of our daughter, we are usually sleeping. We get very little time just with each other during the week. I think that is the biggest challenge.
    P.S. Thanks for such a great site

    • Dr. Patty Ann says:

      HI Rachel, Your comments reflect a very common struggle most of us dual-working couples have in our relationship. The best way to find time for each other is to have a date night planned every single week. A real date. Put it on the calendar and get dressed up for it. You know what I mean, think about the clothes you want to wear, how to style your hair, accessories, make-up etc.
      On a day to day basis keep the romance alive with little things, like surprise notes placed on the driving seat in their car telling your partner you love them -or put a sticky note with a heart drawn on it on the bathroom mirror. Do little things that let your partner know you are thinking about them throughout the day – leave them a vm on their work phone. Little things go a long way. If it will bring a smile to your face, it wll bring a smile to your partner’s face too and this “create” moments of togetherness in your heart!

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