Do you have realistic expectations for your relationship?

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talks about the value of setting realistic expectations for your relationship.

It is great to set high expectations for your life.  If you do not expect anything out of life that is exactly what you will get – nothing.  The same is true for your relationship.  We should have high expectations for our relationship; however, these expectations must be grounded in reality.

Share with us how you developed the expectations you have for your relationship.  Did you initially have unrealistic expectations that you had to change? Or were your expectations for your relationship grounded in reality all along?

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One thought on “Do you have realistic expectations for your relationship?

  1. gus says:

    about a year ago i went thru a messy break-up with an ex… her parting words were along the lines of my expectations being to high. at first it felt like this was just an excuse to end things but i think i understand where she is coming from now.

    when things went south between us i started comparing her behaviours to previous gfs… unfortunately now i can see that her background and my expectations were incongruous (she had come out an unhappy marriage and was displaying ‘avoidant’ behaviours). essentially i wanted to get serious with her (yeah i was infatuated) and of course things went round and round to a calamitous end!

    i am 39 and i am surprised that i can still learn these things… i suppose my previous relationships were unencumbered in comparison; but on reflection i think i never had any real expectations of my previous partners other than basic needs being met and i guess that is why they were ‘secure’ type affairs. i suppose i would go further on this and say my best relationships have been with women i have liked rather than loved… in a romantic sense. is this what real love is??? i see others in deeply romantic situations and i wonder if i am missing something/or maybe i just don’t get it?

    from my experience i think the less expectations one has… both professionally (thats another story)and privately the more one is open to life and happiness/contentment.

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