Celebrate the differences in your relationship

This week’s relationship advice e-zine talked about the value of celebrating the diverse personalities we bring to our relationships.  Relationships where both partners are very similar would be quite boring after a very short time.

Share with us how you and your partner have different personalities and/or character traits and tell us how you celebrate this diversity.  Include any funny stories that reflect the diversity in your relationship.

Building Together A Relationship Filled With Love, Health & Wealth,

Dr. Patty Ann

One thought on “Celebrate the differences in your relationship

  1. Elle says:

    When me and my husband first got involved it seemed we where so different. He was adamant that we were to be together. Me, it seemed that we were not a good fit. Thank god he continued to pester me. He seemed so negative to me. I just couldn’s see it working. Without me seeing it he made sure I got it. Turned out we are so much alike and are so for each others good. The thing that didn’t fit was that we like different things. That’s all it was. I am nerd and he is a jock. Imagine working thru that. Anyway. We are so like minded and have so much to offer to each other. Our differences is the thing that bonds us and creates some amazing chemistry. Our differences is what gets us so many results. Im so glad that he was insistant that we work things out. So many times I tried to run from him. But he always found my hiding place to work things out. I love and appreciate my husband.

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